Golf bar 10 years

How the Golf Bar started

The golf bar is based on Hans Olofsson's vision of creating a complete experience with miniature golf as a central attraction. Inspired by Boulebar, Ballbreaker and the development of amusement bowling in the 2000s, miniature golf was a natural choice for Hans, who is truly an expert in the field. With 2 World Championship golds in 2001 & 2003, he knows everything about the game. Hans has a strong academic background from the Business School with a focus on marketing and has been involved in building a large purchasing organization in the restaurant industry. In other words, the Golf Bar rests on a solid base of competence. In addition to a high and professional level of mini-golf, service and customer care are close to Hans' heart. By creating a strong team in all positions, we put a lot of energy and focus on the guest's well-being and experience with us.

Minigolf with tradition

Swing by Golfbaren is our flagship that opened on February 10, 2017. On June 15, 2013, the Golf Bar opened its first unit, right by the subway in Kristineberg, we got the chance and confidence to take over Kristineberg's Bangolf. Where there has been mini golf since 1954, we now have a lovely summery oasis with 18 holes of mini golf and a cozy summer bistro in a green park environment. Golfbaren Aspudden opened on June 15, 2017 in a place where there has also been mini golf since 1954...
The course mainly attracts locals in Hägersten to enjoy mini golf, food & drink in a lovely park environment. On May 25, 2019, we opened our latest addition at Jungfrusund, Ekerö. Despite tough internal competition, it is probably our most beautiful course so far. It is located directly on the jetty in Jungfrusund's marina with its own sandy beach, lighthouse and Jetski parking.

About Golfbaren
Sweden's best experience concept in miniature golf, food and drink.

The golf bar is more than a name - it is the realization of a vision to create Sweden's foremost experience concept in minigolf, food and drink, "The Minigolf Experience".

A visionary's dream come true

The golf bar is based on the world champion in minigolf*, Hans Olofsson's passion for creating a complete experience that includes minigolf, food and drink - a relaxed meeting place where everyone feels welcome. Hans, inspired by international visits and the expansive development of similar concepts in Sweden such as Boulebar, Ballbreaker and Nöjesbowling, saw great potential in the 2000s in integrating miniature golf as a central part of a larger overall experience.

Hans Olofsson

Hans has two World Cup gold medals from 2001 and 2003.

Come as a guest and leave as a friend

At the Golf Bar, the focus is not just on the game, but on the whole experience, with a commitment to excellent hospitality. Our promise, "Come as a guest and leave as a friend", is at the heart of our business. Every employee at the Golf Bar shares a genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable moments for our guests, down to every single detail.

Themed mini-golf courses for fun and enjoyment

Step into the world of the Golf Bar and let the adventure begin. The very first Golf Bar took shape on June 15, 2013 in Kristineberg and has become a place where tradition and modern entertainment intertwine.

Our flagship destination, SWING by Golfbaren, opened its doors on February 10, 2017. Since then, we have continued to spread joy and create memorable experiences with our courses and atmospheres.

From green lung to botanical oasis

About 300 meters from Avenyn in Gothenburg, Golfbaren Allén operated in 2015-2018. To keep full focus on the operations in Stockholm, the expansion continues with Golfbaren Aspudden, which quickly became a local favorite in Hägersten since the doors opened on June 15, 2017. With a botanical theme and a relaxed park environment, it became a place that breathes home.

Marine adventures and historical storytelling

During 2020 and 2021, two challenging years characterized by the pandemic, we stood firm thanks to our loyal staff and we felt it was time to expand our concept. In the spring of 2021, we proudly inaugurated Golfbaren Nacka Strand, an idyllic location at the entrance to Stockholm. At the end of the year, we opened our second indoor facility Golfbaren Sundbyberg in Signalfabriken Sundbyberg, where history is as alive as the game.

A warm welcome to the Golf Bar!

Now we are proud to welcome you to five unique destinations around Stockholm, each created with community and enjoyment in mind. Whether it's for balmy summer days outdoors or for those devotees who appreciate mini-golf all year round, there's a place for you with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Golf Bar, where you are part of our dream and vision. Together we create a place where the game is as important as the company and the joy.


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founder & CEO
The man behind it all... Played his first minigolf competition as a 4-year-old and that's how it is. Passionate about our basic product mini golf but also very concerned about the creation of a complete experience with food & drink served with high quality and service.
Nathalie Olofsson
founder & interior, design & marketing
She who decides... His wife and co-founder of Swings, responsible for the look of our clothing, interior design and what is communicated on social media. Shares his vision for the Golf Bar and dreams of establishing it in the Big Apple.
chief operating officer
Employee number 1... Joined the train already in 2012 and was involved in the construction of Golfbaren Kristineberg as the concept's first unit and still going strong in the summer. Andreas is not very visible but does an infinite amount for Golfbaren and makes sure that everything works behind the scenes.
restaurant manager
Taking care of business... The girl who steers the Swing ship every night. Seasoned maître d' with an artistic streak where we all wait for the return of the Elvis costume. Personifies the warmth and personality that Swing represents to guests and always has a hug for everyone.
reception & booking
Sunbeam number 1... Been at Swing since day 1 and knows, among other things, exactly how the tufted lamps in the ceiling are assembled. With a smile on her lips and bubbling laughter that goes through both mail and phone lines, she takes good care of our guests when booking and visiting Swing.
Queen of GT and bad jokes... Runs our little bar where she serves craft beer, street food, awesome GTs and the occasional bad joke. Also makes strong efforts in the summer when she controls both animals and guests at Golfbaren Aspudden. Regularly provides everyone with candy and always keeps the mood up in every way among her colleagues.
Reception & booking
An encouraging sign of the success and growth of the Swing and Golf Bar. Handles finances and accounting with honor. Just as zealous and accurate as the role requires and gives Hans a little headache when hunting on all surfaces but above all also necessary relief.
head chef
Hedonism all the way... The guy who was attracted to Swing by the Golfbar's pizza concept, among other things. Once in place, he turned out to be a chef of rank. Every new menu is a pleasure and with calm methodology & pedagogy and a clear concern for everyone's commitment and development, he leads Swing's kitchen to high levels every day.
dishes & cleaning
The Yes-man ... Clean and tidy in a restaurant environment is a matter of course, but not always easy to achieve with many guests. Just like Andreas, a guy who seems big without being seen so much. Swing's biggest smile and a guarantee that we can keep things clean and tidy.
deputy head
She presides over the hatch in the kitchen and makes sure that the flavors are in place but also the dishes are beautiful. She has further enhanced Swing's gastronomy and, together with José, has added both a female and an exotic touch to the dishes.


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