SWING Gin Experiences at SWING by Golfbaren

"SWING Gin Experiences" is a collective name for several exclusive events organized every month until Christmas by Hammars Tonics and SWING by Golfbaren. The aim is to jointly highlight small-scale gin producers who all share a strong passion for creating artisanal and characterful drinks.

Gin experience


SWING GIN EXPERIENCE #3, 24-25/11 guest appearance with Lydén Distillery. A unique opportunity to enjoy small-scale hyperlocal premium gin and craft tonics.

Lydén Distillery is a small-scale craft distillery founded by father and son, Roger & Emil Lydén in Småland. They have won global awards including "World's Best London Dry Gin 2021" and "World's Best Barrel Aged Gin 2022" for their gin products.

"Our distillery is a melting pot of tradition and innovation. We use organic plants from around the world and local ingredients that together create a unique flavor journey. Each batch is a work of art, handmade and uniquely numbered, reflecting our dedication to quality and craftsmanship."

Take the chance to dive into a world of Småland flavors and unique craftsmanship! We at SWING by Golfbaren are happy to, together with Hammars Tonics invite you to this unforgettable guest appearance. Experience an evening filled with exciting taste profiles, conversations with the gin producers and a nice atmosphere in our Livingroom.

Speakeasy Cocktail Tasting 17/11 with Stockholms Bränneri!

Come meet Stockholms Bränneri at a special Speak Easy cocktail tasting in Swing by Golfbar's secret bar "Mary's Office".

We start by trying 3 cocktails and learn the history of the classic drinks and how Stockholms Bränneri experiments with flavors.

Enjoy a personal and intimate experience with just 15 guests in a Chambre Separée with a nostalgic atmosphere. Make sure to book your place today!

After the event, the Drink of the Month will be available on Fridays and Saturdays for about a month.


SWING GIN EXPERIENCE #2, 27-28/10 guest appearance with Stockholm Distillery. A unique opportunity to enjoy small-scale hyperlocal premium gin and craft tonics.

Stockholm Distillery from 2016 is Stockholm's first distillery since the state-owned Vin & Sprit ceased production. They produce organic and artisanal gin in a former Jaguar workshop on Södermalm in Stockholm.

The production is inspired by Nordic nature and the distillery's urban proximity. The goal of the distillery is to house a creative beverage production facility but also to be an obvious destination when visiting Stockholm. The copper pans produce lots of exciting flavors and drinks in collaboration with well-known restaurants and bars across the country. All ingredients are organic and despite the popularity, the focus is still on small-scale and craftsmanship.

SWING Gin Experiences #1, September 29-30, 20.00-24.00!

SWING GIN EXPERIENCES #1, 29-30/9 presents BrandStar Alliance presents the beverage experience "FROM THE WILD, MYSTICAL AND CONFUSING SWEDEN!". A unique opportunity to enjoy Swedish ultra-premium gin and craft tonics.

The BrandStar Alliance is behind the internationally acclaimed and multi-award-winning GIN trilogy Enastående, Stjärnklar and Supermåne, as well as the exclusive aged Vildkatt By Sweden, which has been described as one of the world's finest and best-tasting gins in the ultra-premium category.

Hammars Tonics: Hammars Bryggeri was founded in 1904 and is one of Sweden's oldest breweries. Today, soft drinks, drink mixers and mineral water are produced in a small-scale and artisanal way in the brewery's own premises outside Askersund. Hammars Bryggeri's products are now available in bars, restaurants and selected stores in all the major chains in Sweden. The company's motto is 'Old Traditions - Young Attitude'.

BrandStar Alliance: BrandStar Alliance is a small-scale company specializing in ultra-premium gin and other drinks. Their passion for producing unique and quality drinks has won them recognition from drink enthusiasts, connoisseurs and collectors around the world. The "gin trilogy" of AMAZING Magnificent Gin, STARRY Gin and SUPERMOON Gin, as well as their aged gin VILDKATT BY SWEDEN have won numerous awards globally and are served at the Wynn Palace, in Macau, which was awarded seven Michelin stars (across four of their restaurants) last year.

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Wed - Fri 16:00-22:00
Sat - 12:00-22:00

Thursday 9/5 (Ascension Day) - 12:00-20:00

Last admission one hour before closing